The Third Reich in 100 Objects

Roger Moorhouse

Published by Greenhill Press, 2017

“The Third Reich in 100 Objects” takes a fascinating and novel approach to the history of Nazi Germany, approaching the subject by examining some of the items – from buildings to badges – that the regime created, invented, awarded, used or otherwise left behind.

Encompassing social, military and political history, as well as propaganda, technology and popular culture, this is much more than a picture book. It is, I suggest, something much more profound than that. By combining a tight focus with a wide angle view; the familiar with the obscure, this book imparts a more rounded, nuanced, and comprehensive understanding of the history of the Third Reich than that which is available from the conventional histories of the period.

It is a new history of Nazi Germany told through the objects that defined it.



"A comprehensive introduction to the history of Hitler's Germany. Very highly recommended.” (Britain at War magazine)

"This book tells the history of the Nazi regime from a fascinating new perspective.” (Military History Monthly magazine)

"A marvellous book. An eye-opener. Highly recommended reading" (Professor Thomas Weber, University of Aberdeen)

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